Digital Marketing Live

Digital Marketing Live will provide visitors with an insight into the rapidly changing marketing technology ecosystem and equip them with strategies to transform their sales and marketing performance

13th September 2022 | RDS Arena, Dublin

Advances in technologies, such as data analytics, customer data platforms (CDPs) and programmatic artificial intelligence and machine learning, are revolutionising the traditional sales and marketing function. To be successful, companies are rapidly integrating their IT functions into their marketing departments, with a particular focus on customer retention and improving the merging of their online and offline platforms.

For example, as AI continues to transform the digital landscape, marketers will be able to reap the benefits of this technology to maximise consumer reach and sales in order to achieve precise customer segmentation, advanced and updated customer analytics and more efficient marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Live, which is part of which the TechConnect Live event at the RDS Arena, Dublin on 13th September, 2022, will provide visitors with an insight into the rapidly changing marketing technology ecosystem. It will showcase the latest technological advancements that are enable marketing to become simultaneously more automated as well as more effective.

Digital Marketing Live will also provide advice to visitors on how to adopt and tailor data-based customer-centric strategies and customer lifetime value (CLV) models to meet their specific business needs.

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Alec Drew

Owner - The Business Expert

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Fergal O’Connor

CEO and Founder - Buymedia

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Bret Piatt

CEO - Jungledisk / KeepItSafe

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Cristiane Pitzer

Cloud Product Manager & Agile Lead - Zurich

Gerry Power

Managing Director - Yes Dynamic Ltd.





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